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Is there a place for a new sellers on fiver 2020


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Hello everyone,
I signed up recently to Fiverr and create my first gig about a month ago. so far I didn’t get any request from Byers. I tried sharing my gigs on social media and used the correct keywords in my gigs and my titles and tried buyer requests but I noticed that I never show up in my gig category even in the tenth page of the search results.
I won’t lie I am a bit disengaged by that sense buyers generally prefer sellers with a decent amount of reviews.
I would like to know your opinion from your experience on Fiverr is there a place for new sellers in 2020 or the market place is so bloated to the point that new people don’t even get discovered spatially in the common niches like logo design, photo edit and things like that.
even tho I know the demand is so hight I don’t see how new people will get any chance if they don’t show up in the search, I read about when people get their first gig request about 2 years ago and people responses were very encouraging and even some people got lucky in their first day.
if you read this please share your opinion and give me some advice
Thanks so much to everyone in advanced
Best regards

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