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Remove 5 star from gig images and misleading packages?


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I was asked to remove 5 starts from images of 5 of my gigs. So they all went paused during that period but I am okay with that I did use 5 start images in my gig photos.
But now this one requires me to delete 5 stars and I didn’t even use any there.


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I got this for another gig.
Here is my description and pricing. I really don’t see anything unclear or misleading.

"Royale Photoshop Editing and Photo Editing Service

Hey, I’m a photoshop expert, specialized in Image Manipulation/Enhancing/Editing. Do you want to have eye-catching photos for your social media, promote your business or just improve the photo you have? Inform me and I will adapt my style accordingly.


   Advanced beautifying:

· Skin Retouch

· Removing skin/eye wrinkles

· Removing blemishes, eye bags, double chins

· Improve and enhance makeup

· Reduce fat and whiten teeth

· Muscle enhancing

     Image correction :

· Background Change/Removal

· Color Correction

· Color enhancing

· Image quality improvement
· Photo manipulation

· Professional portrait retouching and editing

                         Reasons to hire me:

Extra fast delivery
Unlimited revisions so your wishes can come true
3+ years of experience
Friendly customer service
BIG Discount for BIG orders
If you need something that is not listed above message me and we can discuss it.

Best regards! "

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I also got a message that says “We’ve moved your gig. Update your metadata and pricing asap”?
What am I supposed to do? I really don’t want to waste any more time with my gigs being inactive

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Well, if you’ve followed their guidelines you wouldn’t have had this problem.

Everything you need to know is well explained here: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/gig-images-dos-and-donts

Read it through, adjust your images accordingly and you should be good to go.

About the second problem it seems they changed your category and they are asking you to change parts of your gig to reflect this change. I’m not sure it’s mandatory or even if that’s what they mean, maybe someone else can chime in here.

No idea there were any guidelines.

But all my gig images are combination of things that best sellers used in their gig images so there is literally nothing that is in my image that isn’t in another persons with 1k reviews.

Tnx for your time.

Edit: Just read those guide linse and I am still lost as to what is wrong and where are those 5 stars.

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The second image has the Fiverr badge on it - they don’t like it, so remove it.

The social media badges are only appropriate for social media gigs, so you should probably remove those too …

Thanks for help.

Didn’t think of that as they said badge so I thought "top seller " “level 1/2” etc and this is just a logo and I saw other people use it.

I will remove it 🙂

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No problem. I, personally, would also remove the 100% guarantee - that can leave you open to buyers coming back years later for revisions … and CS will be on their side, not yours …

That is not a problem I don’t really plan to stay on this platform for long.

But I don’t understand this thing about my packages not being clear like everything is right math etc… and it is not misleading like… my gig is “Photoshop an image” and packages are “2-5-10 images” what is there misleading

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