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All the gigs are going down


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Hi, How are you?
I have returned fiverr after a year. When I turned off out of out office mode, my gigs were down. I deleted and created some SEO friendly gigs. All the gigs maybe started ranking as the impression was going up. But suddenly the impression is going down now.
I have got 5 orders recently. 4 of them have come from buyer request and a buyer contacted me from search.
I am now eligible to be a level 1 seller. So, I know a about fiverr search rankings and other topics. I think my gig is SEO friendly enough. So what’s the problem.
Check my gigs: https://www.fiverr.com/mahfuzsaim9
Here is the report of my gigs:

screencapture-fiverr-users-mahfuzsaim9-manage-gigs-2020-04-24-17_47_041366×7527 1.11 MB

Please analyse my gigs deeply and tell me what the reason is.

Thank you,
Mahfuz Saim

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I can only speak from my experience so far, but statistics fluctuate. There are days when the numbers go up, then down for some time, then go right back up. Based on your screen shot, it looks like the same thing is happening to you (because it shows you also had increasing periods after the numbers had gone down).

You can either wait a bit more and see what happens or you can try modifying your gigs. If you say they already are SEO optimized, you can change your delivery time/fees, or even try other tags. Just keep in mind that each modification of a gig makes it unavailable on that day and may affect its stats during the next days too (as far as I know, more experienced sellers may correct me if I’m wrong), so you’ll have to wait in order to see the real results of the edits you made.

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Please pay your attention here: @jake_hopkins @uk1000 @mrs_write @mariashtelle1 @helenabester @lloydsolutions and other forum members.

Please help me.

Do you really think we see something different on those images? We see the same impressions curves, there is nothing to analyse, there is nothing to guess what’s the “problem”

Stats are there for YOU to analyse how your views, clicks and orders correlate with impressions and based on that you can make a decision if your gig is attractive enough or if you want to work on it more.

I’m not a magician and can not predict fiverr algorithm and why it’s found what it’s doing.

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Can you please check my gigs once? It will be very helpful for me.

I don’t help people who call me ma’am. How many times do we need to tell you guys that this is not ok?

I already helped you. Giving you gig advice can’t help you if you don’t know the basics of how algorithms work, yet insist on spreading myths about algorithms in the forum. I can’t support that.

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