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How to increase your sells

Guest totolh

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Want to increase your sells? Want to impresses buyers?

This post is to hopefully help sellers find the answers they need. THIS IS NOT ALL MY OWN! I have collected these tips from across the forums so they are all in one place. Please be aware that the forum on Fiverr is not a way to contact Customer Support.

GIG Creation Guide: Creating your gig…

a) Write a short and attractive title that can impresses buyers. (example: I will sell ready made blogger blog with unique 5000 post for 5$)

b) Select appropriate categories.

c) Upload eye catching and relevant pictures.

d) Write a detailed description. See below the Recommended topics to include in your gig description:

• ~Start your gig writing title like “Guaranteed work, Guaranteed satisfaction”

• ~Gig description: Shear all about your service clearly.

• ~Give your buyer the assurance “100% safe and customer satisfaction guaranteed”

• ~Provide a express delivery note Like " ##Express Delivery within 12 hours##"

• ~Why this gig

• ~Specificity

• ~Add a Portfolio

• ~Add those words at last in your gig "Thanks for watching my gig"

e) Optimize your tags/keywords.

f) Activate your gig.

See an example:

Promoting your Gig:

There is only one clue to Promoting your Gig that is “3m=marketingmarketingmarketing”

• ~Social Media

• ~Social Bookmarking

• ~Forum Posts

• Handing Orders

• ~Be Polite

• ~Keep them updated

• ~Ask for rating/reviews

More details:

Plz, leave a comments with the topics: “What are your most effective marketing methods?” Please, give your opinion.

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Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks “kjblynx” for your reply.

Though I have copied yours to complete this article.

You told me not to use title like : "Guaranteed work, Guaranteed payment"

I already changed this : “Guaranteed work, Guaranteed satisfaction”

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Reply to @kjblynx: Bro note that This is not a place for "tips for buyer"

Would you just tell me what is the modern technique to attract buyers to order gigs to an new comer. I am always positive to take your advice.

Think about a new comer on fiver who joined fiverr about 1 month ago and have not able to sell one of his gig with his gig style. He dont know what to do to get orders from a buyer. I just to help those sellers who are really helpless.

I have invested a lots of time to improving gig style and just want share with my other new comer brothers.

Disclaimer: Just leave a comment here about “What are your most effective methods to increase sells?”

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Guest nunnsiworld

Ok. I get all that @totolh - marketing, marketing, marketing(3m).

Thanks a lot.

Please, am just new on Fiverr, and I was just wondering if I can be able to apply for the Fiverr Revenue card now, or will I become a Level 2 seller before I can be able to do that?

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Reply to @kjblynx: I guarantee refund if a buyer isn’t 100% satisfied, and usually for each $1,000 earned I refund $5-$40.

I think it’s a very good rate, I have no negative feedbacks, and all my buyers are happy (even the buyers who want refund - aka free work, actually)…

The most important for me (to get more sales): 100% satisfied customers…

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