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I could use hand in describing my gig, if anyone wants to help out


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Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, i wasn’t sure if it should be here or in the FAQ section.

Anyway my gig is here http://fiverr.com/lokiie1984/proof-read-and-critique-up-to-10k-words

The description i have just doesn’t feel like it explains very well what i do. So I’m curious if people feel that I’m just being stupid about it or if it is in fact way too vague.

I had planned to explain what i do on this post but then i realized if i could explain it here i could explain it on the gig too lol. So i will attempt a basic description.

Basically what i do is read the story line by line, leaving comments on everything i see, mostly on stuff that’s weak. For example, when writers use the same word more then once too close together. Or a weak descriptor word, then i offer up alternatives and opinions. Then at the end of the critique i leave my over all opinion, on if i enjoyed the story, if i would keep reading. If i feel it would be successful stuff like that.

That’s pretty much the jist of it. Hopefully my description works.


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You’re offering a great service. 10,000 words for $5 seems like a bargain. I would use screen shots in your album to show how you will deliver the work. I assume you will use the markups in Word with notes. SHOW IT!

Take out the blurb about not having enough space to share your thoughts. YOU’RE A WRITER, make your words clear and concise, get your message out there with no excuses.

Make sure your grammar and spelling is flawless in your gig description. (And your responses to your feedback) As I would judge my purchase decision on how you present yourself in the gig description.

I think you definitely should change your album cover, I’m not sure I get “the sky is falling” image.

Let's eat Grandpa!
Let's eat, Grandpa!

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I had thought about a video but i really don’t know how to make one. I am however, making a better picture. The one i was using was just a joke reference to how people tend to feel when people have their work looked over by someone else. But the one I’m working on now is just screen shot of my last orders first page. Hopefully that will explain it a little better.

As for the video i know what i would like to have but i just don’t know to do it, although i suppose i could figure it out.

Anyway thanks for the tips. I will fix the picture and take another look at the description again and see what i can shorten.

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Reply to @madmoo:

I was kinda thinking of just a video that scrolled down the page, that way could get a little more of a glimpse at what i do. But really the screen shot that i just uploaded would show that pretty clearly i think.

At this point i think the video would just add to the sales factor. Like Fiverr says, adding a video boosts sales by such and such percent. That’s the only reason i could see to use one.

By the way i did decide to lower the word count. Most people seem to top off around 5k words so i thought i would try 6k for now. Originally i did 10k just as an enticement to hopefully get sales. So now its still more then average, and hopefully wont overload me. (Assuming i get sales at all lol)

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Reply to @madmoo: 10k is a lot of words. Depending on the genre of the story and if its really dull vs a fun read can make a huge difference in the time it takes. My last order i did in about 4 to 5 hours.

If you don’t mind my asking, what do you mean by they always expect more?

As for sales, yea this gig just got one the other day and now its starting to show up in the lists. When i had made my first gig, with in two days i had 3 sales and generally always had 4 in my que. So it kind of tainted my perceptions of how the site works. I have come to understand that sales like that are pretty rare for people just starting out.

I had joined fiverr on a whim and didn’t expect to sell anything, so it was pretty cool that the gig took off like it did. Sadly though the gig was eventually denied and i had to start over. Anyway I’m looking into putting up a simple self made video, maybe it will help.

Edit: Yea 500 is about the industry standard. That puts it to one cent per word. I always found that to be crazy, at one cent a word a 60 thousand word book would cost around 600 dollars. At least for me that’s way too high. Not to mention that it may not even give you want you need. A lot of the “professional” websites will charge that and just do a basic grammar edit, but leave glaring plot holes behind.

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Reply to @madmoo: That’s interesting, I suppose them wanting more is something i will have to deal with when it happens. So far i haven’t had that issue.

I agree that 4 to 5 hours is a long time to work for 4 dollars but at the same time i need to keep it competitive. Or else why would they pick me over the half million other gigs that offer more or less the same service. (I’m sure once i had more sales that would help, then they could look through feedback. As it stands now though i only have the one feedback message.) I have shared the gig on facebook and twitter but i don’t expect much from that.

Anyway thanks for chatting with me Madmoo, being new to the site its always nice to hear from those that have been here longer. This place has a bit of a high learning curve.

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