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No Buyer Request after Updating GIG


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H Fiverr People!
Hope everyone is doing great!
i am having a little issue and want to know any resolution.
First of all, my niche is Web Designing & Web Development and can do logo & other designing related work too.
few days ago probably in December, i was having Quite handful of buyer requests almost daily (web development based), and was quite happy as i ended up having 3 clients (1 is regular now), but was having low impressions rate, as i have started to be regular on Fiverr from October 2019. To get good impressions and views i update my gig description, packages description and images.
NOW from this year 2020 i am having almost 0 buyers request regarding Web Development , but now getting slightly good numbers in impressions and views etc.
DID i do something wrong with updating my gig details?
i am not seeing, not even a single Web Based buyer request (website web apps etc).
As for a startup i am not getting any direct orders for now!

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