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How to secure your fiverr account?


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If you want to work on fiverr long term. I will suggest you for don’t waste your time for complete your order. If you have any personal problem or work you should give the work another one for complete the work before time out. i was lost my level 2 fiverr account in 2017. I was get disappointed with this. Cause i was done more than 800+ job. Cause of my final exam i can’t give proper time on my work. But i give all work my team. But some of work i can’t give them. Cause if i give them those work my all secret will be open in-front of them. This was my main mistake. Cause i wasn’t have time for do any work. I get two report in few days and i lost my account. It’s really break me down. Now i am back again for do something good. I hope i can made my this account better than previous. I take too long vacation now i am active. I hope this will help, who are new also who are don’t know what would be happen if they don’t care with this.

Thanks for read

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