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Future in Fiverr As a Freelancer?


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Hello Dear Sellers,
I hope you all are doing fine and awesome job here. and i wish you best of luck in your all running projects.
I want to share my personal views with you all…
i have noticed few things in past days. that now ratio of buyer and seller has a big difference
i think now sellers are too many and the buyer ratio drop to half of it…
before 2015 when i check those gigs which are in top 5 pages all they have minimum 5 orders in queue but now only results are worst you can check by searching gigs.
I dont know what is the reason. may be many sites are now providing service like fiverr and buyers are divided and sellers are increasing
may b we sellers are not promoting over work on social media and other platforms.
and may be fiverr is not giving importance to marketing…

my solution is we all need to share our profiles on social media and outside of fiverr to attract buyers and provide them excellent service so they hire you again and work with you permanently
other solution is fiverr team should work on promotion and also make a formula or system on basis of quality not quantity

please share your views by comment

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