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Video versus written Gig description


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What’s been the experience of the veterans? Do you use a video AND a written description?

I’m sure I’m not the only person who would rather read a transcript than watch a video, since I can do it at my own pace. This argues for offering both.

So…What are people’s opinions about my having the same copy in both written and video form, rather than trying to come up with two different descriptions?

Thanks for your input!

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I’m fairly new to Fiverr. My experience was that I got my very first order (for a Premium package) just a few days after posting an introductory video; the written descriptions had been up for a couple of months prior to that.

As for video content, I used my written descriptions as the starting point. I did some tweaking of the written copy because I felt it didn’t flow as well as a video script as for a written description.

The reason it took me weeks to get the videos up is because I’m like you: Give me a transcript any day! And then I remembered that it’s not about what I prefer, but about what the buyer prefers. For that reason, I believe you’re right on target about offering both written and video descriptions, so prospects can choose what works best for them. Wishing you great results!

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