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I can not withdraw my amount from fiverr to payoneer


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I had the same problem on 14th Nov, contacted fiverr support and here is what they said :

After further review, your withdrawal was completed on our end. Payoneer Customer Care may be better able to answer this question for you. Please click on this link to access Payoneer’s Support Center:

After that i contacted Payoneer support and no reply, i woke up today and found that teh withdrawal options are back to normal again after 3 days, check your withdrawal page in your fiverr profile and the last withdrawal will be marked as ‘withdrawal initiated’ but no ‘withdrawal completed succefully’ above it.

Just don’t waste your time with fiverr support, it’s usually from Payoneer side as the withdrawal process process fails to ping back from payoneer to fiverr, don’t worry it will be back to normal after a couple of days, if it happens again then you contact payoneer support via LIVE CHAT and they will help you and fix the issue in no time.

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