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  1. I am not sure, but I know International passport is the best option.
  2. login to your payooneer, then click this link - https://payoneer.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch That is payooner live chat, talk with them, they will fix the issue.
  3. Same here, I contacted support and I was told that it is a technical issue and there are working on it. still waiting.
  4. Absolutely, I agree. Nigerians need other reliable methods to withdraw funds other than Payoneer and PayPal. there are a lot of reliable companies that will be happy to work with Fiverr and also willing to give us a better experience. Fiverr should please look into this and Integrate a new method as soon as possible.
  5. I think it all depends on the type of service you offer and the region where most of your clients come from.
  6. Relax man, just give it sometime. Improve your skills while you wait, so you can crush the next order that comes.
  7. That’s lovely, The sky is your starting point, keep working head.
  8. Go to payooner.com, create a new account with your details, when your account is apporoved and active, open fiver in a new tab on your browser then go to earnings, click on bank transfer, you will see a pop up screen which will allow you integrate your new payooner account with fiver. After that, everything becomes easy, when next you need to get your money. Just click on bank transfer and it will automatically go to your payooner account. I hope this helps.
  9. So 1.) Something interesting I have done is – being part of a church choir and Taking a solo song in a church with over 2000 people in attendance. 2.) Something interesting I havent done and wont do is Gambling in California 3.) Something interesting I havent done but would like to do is leaving my country for the first time.
  10. Good information. Sellers should take holiday also. We all need the break.
  11. Wow, just lovely. I hope to get there soon. Congratulations.
  12. Careful with that, as ridiculous as it sounds, Fiverr might punish you for contacting buyers outside of Fiverr (via email). You can put your Fiverr profile link in your Twitter profile description, as your website. That way, if someone wants to contact you about the things you can do for them, they’ll know where to find you. Sorry but How?? I did not get the buyer from fiverr so I am not breaking any tos but I am bringing a buyer to fiverr. my life is not all about fiverr. I can promote my personal works on facebook and twitter or google ads and put my email for further contacts, if I wish i bring the buyer to fiver if I don’t then we do business somewhere else. Simple.
  13. Okay, I plan on doing something creative soon that will show my skills but I won’t be sharing my fiver link, I will only leave my email so interested people can contact me, maybe from there I will send them to fiverr. I am scared of sharing my fiver link to prevent further warnings because I heard 3 warnings will automatically disable a fiver account.
  14. Ah, well, that may be your problem. You were sending unsolicited messages that may have come across as spam. Either one of those podcasters, or, perhaps even Twitter, may have contacted Fiverr and cited you as a spammer. You should never be sending anyone unsolicted “buy my stuff” messages. Almost everyone views that as spam. Yeah,its been a while @jonbaas I don’t do that anymore.
  15. It was on twitter, I was trying to get some podcasters to use my audio editing service. So I sent them a direct message and also attached my link. the next day I got that warning from fiverr.
  16. I was sending my fiver link to people in my related niche on one of the popular social media sites, I got a warning from fiver that I am going against the TOS of other companies, so it is either a user reported me or the admin of the social media website. But lesson learnt, I’ve stopped all that.
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