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What to do if some buyer rated you negative undeservingly?


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Hi Fiverr Friends,

Few days ago a customer came up with an order to write 1000 words article because I offer 1000 words for $5. I did a much research and it took my 7-8 hours to complete the article that was A+ article in my opinion because I know how to write professional web content. I have lot of experience in this field and have written more than 1000 articles and run my own websites of page rank 2 and 3.

Well I completed that order on time with quality; I am saying it quality because my hand written posts rank on first page of Google and search engines love my content but the buyer rated it negatively providing no valid reason coming after a week. Even that buyer didn’t ask me for revision of the order despite the fact I gave him favor and accepted his order although his topic was not of my interest. My all buyers who are knowledgeable webmasters and content publishers like my work and order me again and again and always give me positive review. The buyer who rated me negatively destroyed my dream to be top rated and always with 100% positive rating and 0% cancellation. I am on fiverr since 16 days and surely I am new. Can any of my fiverr fellow friends help me how can I regain my 100% rating? Any suggestion will highly be appreciated.

Love you all


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Hello Webprowriter!

I am very sorry to hear that.

Since I’m a very straightforward person (I mean, everything I think of, I’l say it loudly) I have tons of haters. Tons of negative comments every day. And the fact that I’m in a wheelchair, adds even more crap to it.

But we cannot live without criticism and only with positive things. Nor can we live with negativity all the time.

So, what I want to say is that, stay strong. No matter what is going on. You are the only person that can make your life cool and awesome. Even on here.

For customers it doesn’t matter that much if you have 100% pos. feeback or 95%. Most of it is positive, so it is good.

And that is kind of logical that some “haters” are on here. We have to get used to it. Not saying that they are doing the right thing, but neither do we, when we complain.

I’m new here also and doesn’t even have customers yet. I’m waiting and I bet I will have some “haters” also, just because they are haters and love to hate. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be sad. 🙂

Keep up your hard work - that’s what matters the most!

Best wishes,


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Hi there, and welcome! What I would recommend is to send the buyer a polite message telling them that you’re sorry to see that they were not pleased with your work. Ask for some kind of specific feedback or reason why they were not happy, and offer to modify or re-do the delivery if they would be willing to remove or alter their feedback in return.

It does seem a bit unfair that they offered no reason or communication with you before jumping to post a negative review. But reach out and try to communicate with the buyer. Sometimes, that can go a long way. If they won’t return your message or are unwilling to work with you to fix whatever problem exists, shake it off, move forward and keep producing great work!

Also, I have a quick suggestion – you may want to revise or rethink your rates or time spent on orders. $5 for 7 hours of work is crazy! That’s only 74 cents/hour. I bet your work is worth much more than that!

Best of luck with your gig! 🙂

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If you can get the buyer to agree to a refund on Fiverr… The feedback will be elminated.

The goal of having “no cancellations” is more than a little bit unrealistic. Read some of the posts about “I ordered by mistake” and you’ll see why 🙂

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fiverr selling! You seem to really care, I suspect you’ll do very well.

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thanks for your help, it is really happy to see that top rated sellers help newcomers. I don’t spend much time like 7-8 hrs on every order but that order was specific one on which I spent that amount of time. And you are right I will increase my rate when I will reach level1. I have sent that buyer messages to agree on some point. Thanks again

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