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How to get work on fiverr?


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I sign in Fiverr in April 2019 but still, no one is watching my gigs and giving me the work.I am came to this industry with lot of hope. I hope that I can get work any time but I am not getting success.
what should I do?
Am I wrong with my approach?
Is Fiverr promoting only successful people?

now in September, I lose every hope to get any type of work.I was hoping for data entry works but I can not get those as well.
what should I do now??/

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but it is look like too much patience?

I can not getting any way of getting my first work.That is why I can not take much hope from here.

fiverr are only promoting the famous people they do not make new freelancer famous

they do not make new freelancer famous

It’s not up to fiverr to make you famous. Seriously. With this mentality you wouldn’t get far with a freelancing.

All success is a lot of hard work (and I don’t just mean working on orders), getting clients, engaging, finding target audience, building a brand etc etc etc.

Just because other people telling you that you can make so much money here it doesn’t mean that you will.

It’s like People telling me that I should already have a penthouse in London but it wouldn’t just appear if I wouldn’t work towards that.

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