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How Can I Ask Information From Buyer For ECommerce Paymenr Gateway And Contact Details For Website


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Hello Fiverr Community,

I am Web Developer and I work as a Full-Time Freelancer. My Most Business comes through Fiverr only. The thing is the built-in communication system of the Fiverr is not that much good comparing to other platforms like Upwork. For example, many of my clients ask for the help or tutorial on how to manage the admin and the website. The best way I can assist it though screen sharing but I can do that from Fiverr. So I record video and then send it to them which is a little bit time consuming and incomplete.

One of the very common problems I face it to ask the payment details and contact details for the website. Generally for the Website’s Contact Page and for the ECommerce Facility. Even When I type something like “PayPal is the best for your business. You can easily get payments and very easy to manage”, fiverr shows warning. But is there any way I can ask these type of details from theme without getting warnings like these.

I know these are false positive but is there any workaround?

Thank You!

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You can ask for some of those details as gig requirements.

Just … fyi … I’m always typing paypal, payment, and various other things that bring up that box since my gigs are all about WordPress, WooCommerce and memberships … the box always comes up … but the truth is, Fiverr staff know these words have to be used in those circumstances. Even words like “email” are sometimes necessary.

If your gig requires you talk about those things innocently, they’ll bring no warning and your account will be fine.

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