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I need some help with my fiverr gig

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So, I joined Fiverr two years ago and got some orders but some things happened and I had to put an end to working. Now, I’m back but there’s a tiny little, unimportant problem, I’M NOT GETTING ANY ORDERS!!!

Actually, I believe it’s a problem with how I structured the gig and maybe with my profile and I’ll appreciate it if you can help me go through it and give me honest feedback(be as honest as you can be). I mean, what’s more human than helping each other out?
Thanks in advance!

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Your pricing is a red flag. People don’t expect credibility and skill with prices that low.

You also have thousands of writer competitors here and haven’t made yourself distinct or valuable over your competitors. It’s unclear who you are best suited to.

So you’re saying I should amp up the price and select a niche?

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