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How I went from 1000 impressions to 37


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This is how I went from 1000 impressions in 5 days to 37 impressions in 5 days.

My name is Ángel, I’ve been working on Fiverr for a year and in my opinion, I’ve had a very good performance on the platform. After two months I earned my Level 1 badge. I’ve had many recurring clients, which has improved my stats.

3 months ago my stats started to go down. I know there are highs and lows on these sites, but I believe this time it was something else.

I decided to take my gig’s optimization very seriously. I started to promote on social media, answer questions on Quora and add my links to the comments. I uploaded my descriptions. I improved and optimized my prices so my customers would feel free to order without having to message me first. I added PDFs with the descriptions and models of my work. These many changes, it seems, alerted Fiverr’s algorithm. So one of my gigs was put on hold for more than 3 weeks. Obviously, this affected my situation even more and the rest of my gigs got hurt too.

Some weeks ago Fiverr reactivated my gig but I still haven’t received a single message from buyers. On top of that, 2 months ago I had to cancel an order. This lack of activity made me lose my badge.

I don’t know how to fix this. How can I survive this rough patch?

I’d love to know your opinion.


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