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How to improve Ranking Again

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Hello There I am a level one seller . Two months ago I changed the title of my gig . It hurt my ranking so much I still don’t get any good order . Even though I got some reviews from my regular clients I cant get any new clients at all . Is there any possiblility that my gig would again be ranked or I would need to open a new one ? It’s been more than two months now . I have around 50 reviews and my rating is 4.9 .

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It’s not a secret, there are thousands of tips spread in the forum, and this question has been asked thousands of times before. It’s also being asked every day. Here are some I recommend:

I know this is a long post, and it requires a lot of reading. But, if you do read it, act on it, and take advantage of the suggestions, it will help you be successful on Fiverr. There are no easy routes to success on the platform, but the guidance here will put you ahead of most other sellers, and help you turn Fiverr into a viable income stream. The question is, how important is that to you? The Fiverr forum is a great place to ask questions, get advice, and interact with other highly-engaged…
So I recently had a problem with something to resolve which I stumbled on to the forum. I saw that there’s alot of people who still aren’t clear on how they can start out as a seller on Fiverr. So here are my two cents on the matter, thing’s I’ve learned throughout my 6 years of freelancing experience. Lets break everything down evenly, if you think you’ve already gone through the process, skip through the steps. A. Knowing how useful your services can be to other people. So this is somethin…

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers. You may want to take some time to read them.

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