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As a seller, What would you change about Fiverr?


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This is my list:

  1. Make the support human - I have been with fiverr for 3 years. The support now is robotic with canned responses.

  2. Modification tool limitation - Fiverr is getting worse for sellers. Competition is cut throat and with the modification tool I had a buyer literally bully me into doing free work for him, only to cancel the gig once done ! I am humiliated at how awfully user: danielgotero took advantage of fiverr to get work done for free. Fiverr support refuses to do anything.

  3. Circulate Gigs Better : I’m sick of the I’ll pose your photo, I’ll sing happy b’day or I’ll voice over your video gigs. They literally hog the homepage. There are much talented gigs out there that deserve a chance at exposure.

  4. Better Formatting: I’m a level 2 seller. I feel the description page can get a little better with the ability to add images for extras, so people know exactly what they are getting.
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I think that they should have an option of “Sorry but I am not available for your task” instead of an actual mutual cancellation. Yes there is a way to suspend gigs but some orders we just can’t do–either we are fully booked for work, we do not offer the task, or we just plain and simple don’t want to take the order.

Also require buyers to contact sellers FIRST before ordering.

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