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I thought those people wanted help


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So here at the forum, we get many “please help, what can I do to get more orders?” threads a lot.

In most cases the answers are always the same: promote your gigs, add a video if possible, have someone

check the gig description, grammar, etc.

Many nice people have left helpful tips and advice, and I myself have left some comments here and there.

Every now and then, I will go back to those threads and check how things are going with the sellers.

Sad thing is, in many cases, they have made no changes. No videos, same description, same photos, still broken grammar. Sometimes the changes are made of course ( which is great,) but so many of them remained the same, and sometimes they don’t even thank the people who has left those great tips.

I don’t have videos for my gigs ( since I personally believe mine doesn’t require one), and I don’t have those

fancy cameras to take videos or the knowledge/tools to upload them in my PC.

Maybe those people are in the same situation, BUT, if I really wanted to take a video, I will ask my friends

because I am sure one of them can help me.

Is it too much effort for them to make those changes? Don’t think so… :-/

So, to the sellers out there who has asked for help, be sure to take those tips seriously, make

the changes, and thank the nice people who helped you out.

Once you make those changes…well, then you have to be patient and wait!! 😃

It’s Friday back here in Japan, I hope you all have a nice weekend.

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I honestly think the issue is they need help, but when people help they don’t quite comprehend the help that you have provided to them. Either that, or to the point that they don’t quite know how to find the thread again, or in a lot of circumstances they may have just completely abandoned Fiverr because they were expecting to make a full-time job income overnight.

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