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Is twitter marketing help to get buyers?

My impression is that twitter is the place everyone who has an online business is presenting it to everyone else. I can’t say no one gets buyers there but youtube is probably best for this in my humble opinion.

As jonbaas said, it all depends on who your followers are on twitter. If you have an impressive presence of interested followers you may find them eager to make purchases. If your audience is really into your messages on twitter and feel that they know who you are then it might be something that works for you. To simply announce you sell something on fiverr without that devoted audience may not work well.

How online social media marketing works the best is a carefully cultivated audience over time, one that not is just a random person whom you tell you sell stuff on fiverr, but one who is glued to your online presence through interesting to them, entertaining constant messages or videos. In other words, you have a following and a really valuable online presence.

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