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BEST TIP FOR SELLERS, Especially Newbies!


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Here’s a tip for ya…DON’T POST NON-TIPS in this section! If you’re going to write a post and put your gig link in it, it belongs in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section. It’s annoying to see people fill up this section with useless posts.

Some of you may say “oh I didn’t know; I’m new” (yeah you’re new, but you still know how to read) and some of you know exactly what you’re doing (posting it here so it will be at the top of the discussions’ list; shame on you).


Constantly posting in this forum is not going to sky rocket your sales. Find targeted buyers and present your gig to them. It’s easier to get a sale from someone who is actually in need and actively looking for your service, than to try to convince a random person to buy your gig.

Happy Holiday!

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Now the question here is, would people read this…

but you do have a “catchy” title, hopefully it will get some people’s attention…

I do wonder though, if someone posts their link here asking for specific advice

( not those “check out my gig, please help me, I want buyers”) but more like

"Is my grammar correct?" or “Is my description clear enough?”,

which section will it belong to???

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