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Buyer cheat with me, how can i get my payment protection


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Fiverr is getting lame day after day and they don’t give a damn about sellers now

That is an unfortunate personal opinion, of a great site, that is actually improving and becoming a better site “day after day”. Perhaps you haven’t read the news and blog posts about all the new pro-seller stuff they are adding and updating into the site right now.

Fiver is, and continues to be, a great place for freelancers to do business.

Sometimes I get some people who start talking more about another things in serious cases than the main point. Which cause the OPs main issue blurry. But why? Fiverr is doing very good for us and that’s why we are sticky with Fiverr, it is very real.

The question was about Earned Money Protection but it is going to lame or great, blog posts, pro sellers

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