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  1. Hi,
    you are most welcome to write me anytime in your WordPress, Linux Web-server and other website relevant needs.


  2. Better things are coming…! I’m feeling exited.
  3. The same way it is happening with me. I need it back urgently, and I’m waiting…
  4. @sunnyadi, I need it badly. Don’t mind, if you share how to get it back please.
  5. My Early Payout option is appearing and disappearing frequently. I’m very fond of the Early Payout feature. I need it badly to return an amount of Advanced Cash within next 5 days.
  6. I don’t think changing username is possible normally.
  7. Yes, I’m enjoying it. For 1% extra charge only getting instant payment release is fair enough. 👍
  8. Yes, I believe in 2021 the world must be a better place than ever! ❤️
  9. Hi, this webinar recorded video https://www.fiverr.com/content/promoted-gigs-webinar might be helpful for Fiverr sellers to understand the new Fiverr feature “Promoted Gigs”. Thanks!
  10. I’m a Fiverr seller from August 2014. I can endorse that, Fiverr is a highly buyer friendly marketplace and they care more than enough.
  11. August 2014, after getting heartbroken in U*Work marketplace.
  12. Hi, no offense. But I think it rotate to allow other skilled/new sellers to get in and have some sell also. I’m not sure but the thought might be, “as much competition it could be created, sellers will try harder to ensure most integrity all the ways alike communication, delivery quality etc.” Good luck!
  13. I think nobody should have more than one account.
  14. Hi @wajahat28, I think Fiverr Forum is not the right place to get effective help in this serious issue. I would like to recommend contact Fiver Customer Care https://www.fiverr.com/support as soon as possible. Best wishes!
  15. Mostly late, but I’ve just submitted with hope.
  16. Yes, I’m waiting too. Someday we’ll have that option to withdraw a partial amount of total available balance!
  17. I face mostly the same thing just couple of times every year. But I can’t stop trusting people. I think it’s a part of the business to establish a long term working relation. For the first order with any buyer I don’t let abuse more than $5-$10 worth of work. Definitely I don’t recommend my way. I started in Fiverr around 2014 and already have both of positive and negative experiences. I’ve got most of my buyers (approximately 90% +) are good so far and a very few are really not. Best wishes for you!
  18. So far from my experience. It’ll appear LATE there but actually it isn’t if the the first delivery is in time. @humanissocial, Please don’t mind. Most of the times your responses are motivational, informative and nicely positive, but in this particular topic I feel empty. May be my weak understanding. Sorry!
  19. Congratulations, keep it UP! I want hear some of your harder experiences you had to overcome, if you are comfortable to share with only. Thanks in advance!
  20. Great, congratulations! I’m crawling slow but someday I’ll join there.
  21. Here in my end, I haven’t got that feature yet. But in emergency it’ll be helpful for us. Thanks Fiverr R&D Team!
  22. Feel free to post the final result if there is something fruitful contacting CS please. Thanks.
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