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Occasionally I met some people at fiverr, Who came to my buy my service. The question me how much it takes. But after telling the price they don’t buy the service and after I can realize some people come to me just know the price of the service. I really don’t feel so good for the. Is there any way to recognize them?

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Hello @onezerocoders!

This kind of scenario happens. Not all the time, but quite often.

My best guess is - the reason that some buyers may ask for the price and then disappear off is mostly due to the fact that they’re checking prices all over the site to find a seller quote that best fits their budget. So they usually end up contacting quite a few sellers offering that service, get all of their respective quotes and then evaluate all of it before proceeding with an order.

There’s no real way to recognise them, honestly. And with Fiverr’s level system in place, it is mandatory to respond to every message or enquiry in your inbox. Even if it’s spam (you have to report it).
Sometimes, new buyers (who do want to work with you) also ask for the price of your services via inbox message if they’re new to how Fiverr works, for instance. If you’re seeing a really alarming amount of enquiries that don’t go through, then you should probably scope out your competition (in that particular service), see what they’re offering (without replicating/copying their exact gig specifications) and rework your pricing structure to be more competitive (without compromising on your service or your efforts).

Hope this helps you! 🙂

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