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How I get Order please give me solution friends?

Guest misbah_saiful

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Guest misbah_saiful

Hi Friends,
I am Misbah_saiful.I am a web Developer.One month ago I will create my fiverr account.And also create My seven gig and everyday I do marketing my All gig also 10 buyer request everyday…Bt still I do not get any order.Please friends check my gig and give me solution.How can I get my first order?


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hello @misbah_saiful,
as you’re a web developer so that to get order you must need the followings:

  • an awesome portfolio website(it’s the first impress of buyer.

  • need to send buyer request daily with maintaining professionalism, descriptive, so that buyer can understand you can do the job

  • need to online so that buyer contact you for urgent query

  • quality gig

  • be patient

thank you

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Guest cubittaudio

I second the point about fixing your gig titles.

I see people here all the time advising other sellers to “be online”… don’t get wrapped up in this, it’s not important. Yes, you need to reply quickly, but you don’t have to be online to do that. We’re hardly ever online, but we get plenty of orders, and we still reply quickly.

What is important is to provide your potential buyers with a reason to buy from YOU. What do you do BETTER than everyone else? You’re operating in a deeply saturated market. There are literally thousands of gigs just like yours. And if I was buying, I would either buy from the person with the most positive reviews, or the person who wowed me with designs I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

Why should I buy from you? I see you offer landing pages. How good are they? Are they amazing? Are they better than the others I can buy on here? If so, show me! Design 10, or 20, or 100, and put them in your portfolio. Wow me with your quality!

If they’re not amazing, then why are you selling them? It’s tempting to offer gigs because you think it will be easy to get sales, but as you can see, buyers are spoilt for choice. Either practice and work hard at your craft to improve, or focus on whatever it is you’re truly amazing at.

We only offer voiceovers, because we’re really good at voiceovers. Our quality is what sets us apart from our competition. We don’t offer logos, or Wordpress installations, or SEO, because we’re not good at those things. Other people can offer those. We just focus on being really good at voiceovers.

Focus on finding your real talent and showcasing it and you’ll get sales.

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Guest misbah_saiful

Hi @misbah_saiful,

To improve your Gigs Make a nice portfolio for your products and annex it to your description section. Try to stay online. Send buyer request everyday. Share your gigs on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Don’t be upset.


Thanks mamunurrashid

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