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Fiverr... Can you please change the coding for our description and info to sellers boxes...?

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When we place our gigs in our description boxes and other info boxes, they look very unprofessional. Take a look at them. They are hard to read and the boxes themselves are just not up to par.

You… Fiverr demand that we sellers are professional and all photos need to be certain ways. You tell us precisely how many times we can use words n descriptions and in tags because you think it is better. You make smart a** comments when out title is longer than you think it should be. If our titles are not to be a certain amount of letters then do not have it available as you do now. You demand that we include our own physical bodies be in the video of the product we are selling. You want all these things from the sellers. In which I agree with a lot of them. You already know this, but I will say it again… You Fiverr cannot expect us to be professional if you are not. You cannot be drunk on you a** and tell us not to drink. It works like this… It is the same story as to why so many people in this world are caught up in disarray, disillusionment, and perplexed about christianity. In my experiences, which are many with this subject… many people are confused about being a god who tells them not do perform certain actions when he does. Whether a person admits to it or not, or realizes it or not this kind of… we’ll call it teaching, just plain doesn’t work to make a long story short. So if You want Us to be, then you BE. And for the record, just in case there are any yahoos out there reading this thinking I am disrespecting christian’s and their faith or anyone’s faith, that is not the subject of this writing.

Just in case if you Fiverr are wondering what you are going to spend some of that immense amount of money you are making each year from this website, why not make the site more appealing. More user friendly to buyers. or is that just not the case with your heart. Is it that you have made the money and now it’s to HE** with the very people who made you that money???

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