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Buyers Requests How To Paste an Audio Sample Link?



Im a VO (Voice over) that when he gets a buyers request I normally have a bunch of audio demos on dropbox
or soundcloud. This is important because buyers tend to be on the road on there cell when looking at these, lets say they are looking for a Scottish man. What better way than to attach a sample
But I find copying bitly links is a problem .
Is there a proper way to do this? Does the buyer see an actual hyperlink when i do this. If they cant simply click in on link I know if buyer will not be bothered to copy and paste. I noticed all buyers requests have hyperlinks.

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I don’t think there’s a proper way to do it. You can just ask support if they could add an attachment feature for offers sent to buyer requests like there is for the actual buyer requests.

I think you shouldn’t really use bitly links as users won’t know what it’s linking to (for security). You could put the dropbox link (though really I think you should probably use one of the sites specifically authorised by Fiverr - I think there’s a list of them somewhere) in the text of the offer. You could also say that they can go to your gig page for demos of these accents.

I doubt they’ll show up as clickable links as they’re not real links - I think they’ll probably be just text. So they’ll have to copy/paste or if they use Firefox (and if Fiverr supported it) they could highlight the text of the link and right click and select to open it.

Best thing is to ask for an attachment feature for offers I think and/or a link feature. But a dropbox link (or similar), if allowed would work in the meantime.

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