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What can I improve in my gig?



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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will create an concept art for you, your bussiness or game
In the gig title:
"bussiness" could be changed.

In the standard package it says "and create 2 customized design" - design is singular - shouldn't it be plural if you are doing >1 design? Same for the premium package.

You don't mention what the resolution of the images (original/upscaled ones) will be.

Maybe change the aspect ratio of the main gig image so it doesn't get cut off (see the gig image guidelines in the help section - it might need to be around 1.6:1 to prevent it getting cropped in the profile/search).

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1 hour ago, uk1000 said:

Estas são minhas sugestões/comentários:

Gig: Vou criar uma arte conceitual para você, seu negócio ou jogo.
No título do show:
"business" pode ser alterado.

No pacote padrão diz "e crie 2 designs personalizados" - o design é singular - não deveria ser plural se você estiver fazendo> 1 design? O mesmo para o pacote premium.

Você não menciona qual será a resolução das imagens (originais/aumentadas).

Talvez altere a proporção da imagem principal do show para que ela não seja cortada (veja as diretrizes da imagem do show na seção de ajuda - pode ser necessário estar em torno de 1,6:1 para evitar que seja cortada no perfil/pesquisa).

Thanks for the suggestions my friend, I will definitely apply them. If you have anything else to say, feel free to say so, I would be extremely grateful.

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1 hour ago, akib0079 said:

very first suggestion here would be spend time on creating better gig images, and better and optimised gig desc!

What do you mean by "optimized"? 

Thanks for the suggestions.

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