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I can't get any orders!


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I don’t know much about your area of expertise, it would be nice if someone with gigs in social media looked at it. Anyway, are you getting any impressions? (Go to Selling Menu/Gigs to see them) Change the time to “Last 6 months” and click a gig. In the menu on the right, you can see the statistics of views, clicks,…
This is important in order to test whether the changes you make bring you more or fewer visitors.
Now you could try other keywords, change the image, put a video or change the title to generate more traffic and always check the statistics.
Another tip is to lower the price temporarily until you get some reviews and of course, constantly check the Buyer Requests section.
Just keep on working. My first year I had only 1 order too, but I started to send Buyer Requests, offering cheap services, and when I had a good customer base, I started to raise prices. It worked!
Good luck! 😊

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