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Scammers on Fiverr using my account


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Just putting this out there as I’m super shocked!

I’ve been contacted by another member asking me for money, saying that another user has given my account details as their seller account!

I have never placed any orders on Fiverr, I do not have any other accounts.

I’m mortified that this has happened. I have contacted CS with screenshots of the offending account.

Unfortunately the other seller in this instance did work without a proper order being in place, with money held in escrow by the site - an unfortunate lesson to learn and now there are two victims, him and myself.

So, I’m putting it out there in case this happens again - I have never placed any orders, nor do I have any secondary accounts. I hope those responsible will be banned and also there’s a lesson to be learned here, don’t do any work without a proper order and money being held.

I’m mortified by this situation. Some people are just unbelievable.

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