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Has Anyone Ever Used a Chargeback with Payoneer?


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No. This is not a rant about chargebacks. I would like to know if anyone has ever used a chargeback to have a payment refunded to their Payoneer account? - If you use Payoneer.

99% nay, 100% of the time when I have a bad buying experience anywhere, I just let it fly. Was there no charger included with that eBay laptop? No worries, I’ll just pick one up in town and get on with it.

Sadly, I am having a nightmare at the moment with a certain leading WordPress theme marketplace. It’s not just that the product which I purchased isn’t as advertised. It’s also a case that the vendor is refusing to acknowledge my request for a refund (despite my refund request being in line with their 30-day money back guarantee). Worse, an extra 12-months of premium support I paid for simply doesn’t exist.

I’m riled with fury. In this case, I want my money back. (Even though I know I sound like a lot of crazy Fiverr buyers with overly inflated order expectations by saying this.) - Which is really not the case.

Anyway, I paid with my Payoneer card for this purchase. I know that I should contact them if the marketplace in question doesn’t honor my refund request. However, if they do not, does anyone know if Payoneer is as happy to chargeback on online purchases as PayPal?

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favicon.icoThe Payoneer Blog – 13 Jun 17


Credit card chargebacks: everything merchants need to know - The Payoneer Blog

What is a credit card chargeback? A chargeback (also known as reversal) is a form of buyer’s protection provided by the credit card’s issuing bank, which allows customers to file a complaint regarding fraudulent transactions or a service dispute on...

They will launch an investigation and the seller will have to prove that everything was ok.
They say that it can take from 3 weeks to 6 months.

(Paypal also make investigations. I wonder why Fiverr accepts every chargeback without asking anything to the sellers but it’s another topic…).

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