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Fiverr then and now.. how do you feel?

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Oh, I would agree that things have gotten a bit more complex, I believe it’s their attempts to make the site more professional and address those constant issues of bad sellers (delivering copyrighted work, etc.) I dislike some of the changes but I guess we just got to go with it.

As for less creative, can you elaborate some more on this? I’m not sure if I feel things have become less creative. I remembered that time when Fiverr got a lot of publicity 😅 due to Pewdie Pie going on a shopping spree on Fiverr, it’s actually through him I found out about @funnyguys, I noticed they aren’t doing their gigs anymore but I loved them! They were what I believed part of the “fun and creative” side of Fiverr. But as for “professional or the more serious kind of creative”, I think Fiverr is still on track with that.

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