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Am I doing this right?


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I’m brand new to Fiverr (Hi all!) and have posted my first few gig ideas that I had. I’ve spent countless hours already scrolling through tips for success and other Fiverr gigs to see what the common thread seems to be for a successful gig.

The problem is, I’m the type of person who will forever critique my own work as horrible until it is absolutely spotless perfection. I don’t have a promotional video (yet), and that’s the one glaring omission that I can see in my profile.

Now, my question - have I done everything else I needed to do? Do you have any further suggestions for me, as a COMPLETELY new user with zero sales under my belt and little to no idea what to expect? Thanks in advance!!

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Make videos for all your gigs even if you feel they aren’t needed. implement keyword research and find the most ideal keywords people would be searching for into your gigs both in your title, description, and your tags.

I like to reference this thread another user has made as it clearly explains what I am referring to.


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Welcome aboard!

You asked, "have I done everything else I needed to do?

Selling and promoting your Fiverr gigs is a never ending, ongoing process.

*Create a more detailed and descriptive profile bio. State your qualifications, education and why you are good at what you do.

*In your gig descriptions, describe what the gig is in detail. Tell buyers how they will benefit from your gig. Give them a reason to buy.

Take some time and review the topics here;

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