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How Can I get RISING TALENT On my Gig?


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I also need to know about RISING TALENT. I have searched but no hope. I am thinking someone from Fiverr will

have the positive response to the question of @josewpdesigns. But that didn’t happen. Hope we all be able to know about this RISING TALENT Mystery.

I don’t about the RISING TALENT. But I got that on many gigs so ASked here if someone know about it.

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I think Rising Talent Gig is automatically assigned by fiverr team to the user. As back ago they launched the “fiverr choice” and I think they now updated it with Rising Talent.

I just saw 6 gigs with this badge, all were new sellers, all were new gigs.

I am a new seller with new gig but I never got it.

I honestly think it is recommended by an actual Fiverr.com employee.

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