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3 Year Old, 4.8 Star Gig with 400+ orders Cancelled for no reason


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I am a Level 2 Seller that has been with Fiverr since 2014. I’ve completed nearly 500 orders on one gig with a 4.8 rating (every rating 5 except a few cancellations) and up until 3 days ago was receiving nearly 5 orders a day (average order $30). I literally quit my job to Fiverr full-time (in addition to a few other side things I have) and three days ago I stopped receiving orders.

I looked through searches and while my gig used to come up in the top 8 for some very oft-searched writing keywords, it was nowhere to be found. It is still showing as Active but it cannot be located anywhere but from my profile page or favourites.

I’ve contacted Customer Service and they said it has been Denied due to a Third Party TOS flag, however there is absolutely nothing about any 3rd parties in there and I’ve had no problems with it for 4 years.

They will not give me any information and a gig that was making me $500 per week is now gone. They said I can create a new one, but I had so much good feedback on that one that it will take me years to get back to where I was, especially in such a competitive space.

Fiverr has basically ruined my life now as I just signed a new lease on an apartment and they refuse to give me any information.

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A standard copywriting gig for web copy, product descriptions, etc.

Here is the text from it (it includes 3 pictures of my writing that were from MY company’s website)

Immediately increase your online sales by engaging potential clients with professional, appealing sales copywriting!

When selling a product or service to potential clients online or in print, the most important aspect is how you combine information with persuasive sales copywriting. You need to be informative, yet provide the information in such a manner that compels the reader to take decisive action.

I am a qualified sales professional who has years in direct and B2B sales, marketing and writing experience. Although I was born to sell since I was bringing in $100 a day at my lemonade stand, I have always studied various techniques to ensure that I am psychologically able to convince buyers that the product is something they NEED, both with my actions and words.

I have written hundreds SEO optimized, keyword-oriented
landing pages
product descriptions
promotional packages
and just about anything else that you can imagine, with a great track record of engaging the readers.

I will write you ONE 150 WORD HEADLINE OPENER for $10, but check out my other packages for the full copywriting experience!

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So your gig is still active on your side and you did not receive any notification from Fiverr that there was a problem and now it has just disappeared from the search?

This sounds very similar to a couple of my gigs, despite several competitors having Amazon, Youtube, FB, and other logos plastered all over their gig images and videos.

Can you just confirm that you gig (on your profile page etc) IS still active? (i.e. It has not been removed by Fiverr?) - If so this just makes no sense.

I just invested quite a bit of cash over the past month on voice overs for new video gigs and if Fiverr isn’t going to let me show them but not tell me, I’ve pretty much just burned money.

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Here is the image of it still being Active and I actually received an order from a repeat customer within this hour. However, without new people being able to find it in the past three days I have gone from 4/5 gigs per day to just 1 gig from people that I’ve worked with before. But when I messaged support about it, they said it was flagged for Third Party TOS violations.

So, basically there is nothing I can do other than leave the platform and go somewhere else at this point. A total waste of time and effort despite the fact that I make Fiverr a few thousand per year.

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I was just about to comment that I see your gig active. It’s interesting to see how Fiverr does have complete control on whether a gig can be in the search and where it should be in search!

At this time, I would highly suggest to create a follow up message and kindly explain to support that if there is any reason regarding this matter if they can be completely transparent with you so at least you’ll receive peace of mind.

When something like this happens, it can actually be because of many different reasons.

Best of luck!

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Ok, thank you for this. This is a BIG HELP to me.

I am so sorry that this has happened to you. The only consolation I can offer is that there are some pretty well-established alternatives to Fiverr now on the market. In this case, try to put the stress aside for the moment and just jump straight into establishing yourself on other platforms.

Fintech and Blockchain based writing is pretty hot at the moment. Just try and laser target niches and only spend money on marketing if you are spending it on the equivalent of premium gig listings etc. Sorry, I can’t be any more specific.

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Thanks for all the responses and support!

I have emailed a few times to Customer Support asking for the specific reason why my gig was flagged. They refuse to comment and keep saying to make a new one, but this will negate all the good feedback I have here.

I actually have been investing in cryptos since 2015 (part of the reason why I quit my job as well) and do write crypto-related blogs on the side. I really enjoyed Fiverr and have made some great connections here, which is why it is so sad that they can treat a loyal seller so poorly. I’ve had at least 50 people ask me for s***e, email, etc. and I always declined to stay within the guidelines, even when they were $500 gigs and I would have made an extra $100 by going off the site.

Hope Fiverr get’s its Customer Support together because at this point anybody can be flagged and not know for what reason.

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