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Sign up to fiver to sell my expertise, end up buying gigs instead


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Anyone else here signs up to become seller but end up being buyer instead lol? I mean I couldn’t contain myself when seeing quality work at rock bottom price. I’d purchase few videos and still waiting for my articles delivery. I really enjoy my time here.

My buying approach is bit different though. Usually, I take time to browse until 10 pages above and found a lot of hidden gems there. I’m sure if they have more exposure and testimony like those on the first page, they’ll make this site much better while offering a competitive price.

This is evident when I request a sample of their previous gig and make a robust comparison against those who list on the first page. Obviously, most sellers who rank on the first page has proven why they’re on top but I found someone on the 6th page that has equal talent like them and offer much cheaper service. Perhaps lack of exposure is the only reason why most of them cannot progress beyond their current page.

But seriously, don’t limit yourself to the first few pages when searching for a gig because you never know there are many hidden gems here waiting to get their first opportunity and offer VFM (value for money). I’m happy when the guy that made my video from page 10 manage to rise above 2 pages.

That being said, I still take attention towards my own gig. My gig got a lot of impressions, clicks, and views ever since I join this site but haven’t got any order yet. I’m wondering maybe there’s something wrong with my service offering. But being a buyer is fun too. Until then, I’ll become both buyer and seller. Happy to be part of Fiverr!

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