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Plz Guide/Help, a new seller's plight


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My query is, what to do in such a scenario!! What should be my course of action? I am new to selling on Fiverr. Plz Guide/Help.

I made my first sale recently through a buyer request, which I received on 9th March night and I send a custom order to the buyer on the same night. The buyer ( named ***) wanted a custom Lightroom preset. He messaged me on 10th March morning along with few samples. After few exchanges, we agreed to work upon on his project for custom Lightroom preset. He accepts my custom order. I delivered the assignment well within in time in a day. Today is 13th March. And till date, neither I have received the amount agreed upon and nor he has marked the assignment as complete.

Annkur ( user id : annkur0984)

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Guest offlinehelpers

Please remove the buyer’s name from your post - it’s not relevant!

Your order will complete automatically 3 (or so) days after your delivery. Don’t worry if it’s a few hours over the 3 days - if it gets to 4 days, give Customer Services a shout.

Your payment will then be pending for 14 days after which you’ll be able to withdraw it.

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