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At the beginning, trust me, fiverr was a struggle. I knew i had something good, and this was proved to me by getting high volumes of sales whenever exposure came my way (being on the home page).

I think persistence was the key. It would have been easy for me to give up and not take any care with my gig. But i did everything i could to try and make my gig a success.

The first thing i did was invest about $40 dollars in various other gigs like ‘Promote your fiverr gig’ etc. I tried various gigs of this genre, and even though i had no solid proof that this worked, i genuinely believe that it helped me along the way.

My target was 2 things; to become featured and to become a top rated seller. I only had one gig at this point, and looking around on fiverr, everybody who was featured or who was a top rated seller, seemed to have more than one gig… hmmmm?

Anyway this made me more than determined to achieve this with just my one gig.

My biggest tip is customer care. I genuinely want people to be happy with their purchase, so i go to great lengths to ensure all my buyers are happy, and i think this reflects in my feedback.

I set myself a milestone of 100 positive feedbacks, and once i hit that, the ball really started rolling.

Another great tip is speed. I know, not every gig can be done quickly, but if it can be, try and make as quick a turnaround as possible.

I remember being featured first, which literally felt like winning the lottery (not that i know how that feels).

I remember jumping up and down, because i just knew that my sales were about to rise. And i was right. They really did come thick and fast. It was quite scary. I was literally swamped.

Not long after this i got another email from fiverr saying i had become a Top Rated Seller. Again this feeling was amazing.

There has always been a big question of how many sales you need to become a TRS. Well i don’t think it’s any coincidence that i had just reached 500 sales. I think this is the amount you need to become a TRS. And of course you need good feedback. Maybe things have changed now, but i think that’s how many sales you need to do to become a TRS.

So i’d done it, it looked like i was the first person on fiverr to with just one gig to become a TRS and to be featured. Maybe there are other people like this too, but if there were, i couldn’t see it at the time.

Once i achieved this, i thought it was about time to set up another gig, which is in my opinion much better value for money.

I hope this has helped, and if anyone wants to see what i do day in day out, to get my six pack, have a look at my gigs:



Thanks - DietMad

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