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Dear Fiverr: Buyers Don't Know How to Purchase Multiples


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Thanks to Fiverr’s amazing (insert sarcasm here) new rating system, sellers have to be more cautious than ever about order cancellations. Under this new system, I have had the immense pleasure (a bit more sarcasm for you) of being demoted… twice. What does that mean? Well, now I am a brand new seller of course.

This is because a buyer ordered five separate gigs for the same thing and canceled them all. I obviously couldn’t do anything about this though some in Customer Support say that this does not affect sellers, I’ve gathered through my experience and my time in the forum that this is false. I can’t do anything but wait the 60 days for it to fall off.

While most aspects of my account are relatively untouched, this experience has highlighted something that’s been bothering me since I’ve been on Fiverr. At the heart of it, buyers don’t know how to buy gig multiples. It was a small nuisance before, but it’s quickly evolved into the chief complaint for many sellers like myself. It’s a web edit Fiverr can implement any time it wants, and it’s really a small change that could alleviate this problem drastically.

I’d of course strongly prefer they throw out the new rating system entirely, but if nothing else, making the part of the purchase process where buyers can order gig multiples more obvious. Big letters, bolder fonts, more instruction, whatever has to be done to show buyers that they can order more than one gig at the same time. Currently, that page is uninteresting, bland, and mostly blank. There’s little instruction, and the only thing worth noting on the entire page is the giant green payment button at the far bottom right. With something so distracting on a giant, almost blank page, why would anyone notice gig multiples?

My stats are all but perfect in every other area. My sales are still rather stable, but this uncontrollable factor is negatively impacting my experience here on Fiverr. There’s another thread where sellers can vote on ONE problem that bothers them the most about the system. Guess which issue is at the top (at least the last time I checked)?

Order cancellations that are out of the seller’s hands are out of control. Anyone else agree that this could be one way to address the problem?

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Tbh I think that penalizing a seller for order cancellation is bullshit altogether but hey they are never gonna do that. Maybe your proposal is good. Or maybe they should make an explainer video for buyers when they sign in and stress that feature as well…

Or maybe they should make an explainer video for buyers when they sign in and stress that feature as well…

I honestly don’t see many buyers paying attention to an explainer video. I think Fiverr should make it easier for buyers to see that option. Front and center, you know?

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