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Greetings from the new kid on the block :)


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Hello Fiverr wariors!

My name is Henky and I’m a Artist/Illustrator. Nice to meet you guys 😊

I Just started my first Fiverr journey yesterday and already have first gig post 🙂
So happy and excited to finally be here because this is my first journey as freelancer too.

Looking forward to making new friends here and any advice would be greatly received d(^^)b

Kind regards,

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Guest designer2k18


Welcome to fiverr community. Have a nice journey.

You will learn things by the time read out forum posts and research about your niche.
Describe in your gig what you are gona serve and why the buyers should choose you use portfolio. And promote your gig on social platforms as soon as u got your first order you are on track … Wish you best of luck…

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