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  1. check this for more about response rate and time. this will help. https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/response-time-rate-faq
  2. wow it’s great to hear that you got your 1st order within 4 days. keep it up you will get more orders in that way.
  3. hy there. you are talking about response rate friend not response time because response time is shown by hours not an rate. for improve response rate you have to reply every new message you got within 24. thank you.
  4. @offlinehelpers thank you. really appreciate it
  5. hey guys did anyone no what is the meaning of High completion and satisfaction scores on available now requirement? please help me if anyone know about this
  6. also you can check the payment methods by earning page.
  7. bank transfer can withdraw money when you get its minimum 20$. its not 50$. you can check that by earning page
  8. absolutely it is an miracle. im cant ever upload that size of file or near to it… :roll_eyes:
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