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How to get more order’s?


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Guest sara19841

Your profile looks pretty good. A couple of tips to improve it:

  • Is it possible to use a better photo of yourself? You look good in your current one, but the quality isn’t great.

  • You have three gigs offering more or less the same thing. Delete two of them as they’ll only confuse buyers. Merge all the important things into one gig – two max.

  • Tidy up the mechanics in your gig and profile description. The two languages in this sentence should be capitalized: “As a native spanish speaker with english as my second language”. These two sentences need to be joined with a period or semicolon: “Feel free to contact me at any time, I look forward to working with you.”

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i suggest you to tell your friends to search you gig to move the gig in (relevance) i tried it is more beneficial from other things…
And second thing comment and like the forums which are shown to you because in the forum everyone sees your post and a buyer will go to you account to see you gigs and you will get the orders i hope 🙂

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Tip 1
Tell your friends to see your profile with the help of this your gigs will be promoted to top pages.

Tip 2
Like and comment on forums because in forum buyers sees your comment and they will go to your account to see your gigs and profile if they will like your gigs they will give you the order 100%

Tip 3
make your package more perfect and show the lowest price to attract the buyers

I hope you will be successful 🙂

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