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Ho to Make Beautiful Gig Video


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How to make a good gig is another question, and not the one you asked in your topic title, so I’ll address the question you asked: “How [do I] make [a] beautiful gig video?”

There are two types of videos that you could create, and the one you choose depends upon how you want to present your gig.

The first video type is one that features you talking about or explaining your services. For this video style, you will need a video camera that can record you and what you say. Film yourself, edit it together, and upload it.

The other style of video that you could create involves artistic skills. You can create either a whiteboard video (which everyone seems to do, thereby making them unoriginal and common), or create your own slideshow or artistic video using images created in a software program like Photoshop.

There are many video creation software options out there – some free to use, while other programs have many features and must be purchased. Most PCs come with some sort of video creation software already installed with your operating system. You can use that if you need a simple option to put together all the pieces of your desired video.

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Lots of different ways. These can be generalised into two categories, you have personal videos and impersonal videos.

Personal videos involve a webcam recording of your face. They don’t require any expert equipment or aid. All you need is a simple camera

Impersonal videos can be animated. Typically you’ll find whiteboard animations however you can also get other styles of animation done including some with lip syncing. You can also get other types of impersonal videos like slide shows, screen recordings, examples of your product, etc.

It’s completely up to you, though I recommend seeking a professional for impersonal videos as you’ll need assistance if you aren’t a professional with creating animations or other types of videos requiring a specific skill set.

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