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Need to use term pay because it is part of script


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Hey Guys!!

I am level two seller and I got script from the buyer for the animation.

So I needed to send that script to voice over artist.

The problem is that the script has word “payout” in the script, so whenever I try to type the message in the inbox, it shows warning.

I can’t alter that word because it is word of script so I need to type payout word so that voice over artist can record that word as it is part of script.

So is it a problem for me or I can type that word…??

The word will only violate the terms and conditions if it is related to asking for payment from client…right…??

Please let me know as I am little confused 😦

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Why don’t you send the script as an attachment?

I am traveling right now that is why I need to type it in the inbox as I am not able to create file attachment in my phone.

So is it wrong to type that word even if it not used for wrong intentions…??

It is the word of the script.

Please let me know…thanks!!!

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You can type the word, if your message gets flagged it will be sent to Fiverr though first instead of to your VO artist; Fiverr will check and they will see it wasn´t used in any wrong way, I´d not worry about that.

But if you don´t have time it may be an issue because the pop-ups say it can take… up to 24 hours, I think, to check and until they´ll forward your message to the seller. Maybe you can explain it to your seller somehow, if you think they´d understand what you mean; if they are on Fiverr for a while, probably they will know about this issue.

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This happens to me quite a lot. Once the Trust and Safety team have a look, they will approve it without problems.

Although I advice you put it in a word document on your phone, most phones have this now, plus why can’t you attach with your mobile. I work heavily from my tablet and it is great.

Just so you don’t end up being a false positive (assuming they are trying to automate it)

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