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I can't access anything on fiverr


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Yesterday I got 4 Express orders and got promoted to level 1.

Today when I login to my fiverr account, everything went blank.

I can’t see my analytic, I can’t see my sales, I can’t even talk

to my customers. I can’t do anything.

I tried to contact support but I keep getting this message:


We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

Take me back to the homepage

If anyone can contact fiverr support, please tell them to cancel all my orders

AND Tell the buyers that I can’t deliver the order because of a fiverr bug.

Thank you.

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I found out how to contact fiverr.

You have to log out and use your email to contact fiverr. Then it’ll work.

If you log in to your account and send a contact request, it won’t work.

This is an account related issue. Once you reach level 1, fiverr

pull the plug and screw you over.

Hope this helps.

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