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Fiverr New Level System; Shake up time!


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Hello guys,

Life is full of surprises and Fiverr just hit me with its panda and penguin update today:


The New Level System


Obviously, Fiverr is expanding exponentially and dominating the freelance world in my humble opinion. And as they say, with great power, comes great responsibility.

I think the main reason for this update is to differentiate sellers through the quality of their work rather than quantity. Also, to ensure that sellers are up to deliver the job on time, professionally and keep those buyers coming back.

Don’t get me wrong, there are great talented sellers on Fiverr, no doubt! But there is also lot of claims that some sellers promise, yet they fail to deliver. And to be fair to some sellers, their old digital services simply no longer work or needed, yet those sellers don’t want to update their game and I’m afraid they’ll be hurt by this level update.

Overall, I believe it’s a great move by Fiverr to keep their buyers happy and keeping the market competitive for new and old sellers despite their level.

Go to your analytics section and check out the new update measurements. Try your best to keep your standards high and those bars green and be ready to be reviewed by the Fiverr team every two months.

Don’t rely on prayers only; the storm just began and things will get real ugly… Improve your existing gigs and increase the quality of your work, if you ask me, it’s the only way to stand out and keep the cash flowing.

Let me know your thoughts below and if you think this update will play to your advantage or not?

Keep Up the hustle 😉

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Guest offlinehelpers
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I have seen New Level System on Fiverr, New Rules . very Nice. it’s will be clear to those who wants to know when they get their level badge. ?

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