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Not getting any sell


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I have been working from last month. I just achieved level 1 seller but I m not getting any orders anymore. Also my previous client who make orders and they are not giving me feedback or rating I asked them to give me rating and feedback but they have no response , they bought the gig and took the work and go away is thats make my gig ranking low.?

Being level 1 seller Should I get more orders automatic or I need to do more activities?

Some of buyer also just asking for work and quotation but they didn’t buy any gig and disappear.

How I can sell more and more gig.

Please suggest me

Have a nice day!

Thank you

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Congratulations on achieving level 1. You cannot force any buyer to give you a review. Promote yourself on Social Media and anywhere else you can (ethically).

Thank you. I don’t want to force any buyer I just requested politely. I m trying to promote myself in social media. Good suggestion 🙂

Thanks again

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