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  1. i found notification sounds but show as bubbles is not available yet?
  2. yes it is. I have that version
  3. bro I can’t find that option in notification sound
  4. I think this is something like chat head. You will get a pop-up notification when someone messages you. So have you got that ?
  5. Hello there! anyone can tell me that fiverr has given any new update to chat bubble for fiverr app ? I got a notification but i didn’t understand that. any one can tell me about that ?
  6. Hi there! I have noticed that if you are worth of the price you will get it definitely. In a market place all the seller is hungry and they want to get the job done and get paid, this is how its work, for that reason buyer also get their job done with different price but same work or less quality of work or more better quality work . I have been experiencing same, the whole world also work in the same way, when they asking your for quote and someone else who provide good work with less cost then its obvious thing they will work with low cost but best work. In the journey you will experience more and it will bring you some patience and professionalism. Thanks guys.
  7. keep working mate. where you will achieve your goal working hard and making good impression to your buyer.
  8. sharing your gig link is it against of fiverr law
  9. Hi there! I would like to know about any cons using a vpn. I have been watching TV series so I need to use vpn to watch. but in shortly there is any problem if I use vpn. Note: I m using only one account for fiverr.
  10. last month there is no sale but still i had paid $15.43 on December 1, 2020. Its really sad that you don’t get enough order but still you are paying them for promoting gig. IN previous month gifted $10 worked so well also included more $10 i have spend but its not that working like that they said they have the strategy but its something they don’t control if your gig don’t get enough impression then you won’t get sell like similar without promote gig option.
  11. I didn’t send anyone any wrong message but last morning I just got this notification. ? Is there any bug to this ?
  12. there will no other problem or violation about the TOS ?
  13. Hi there! A seller can buy from fiverr his seller account ?
  14. aww only for one 4.00 start now i will lost my level 😦
  15. Last 6 month I got just 4.00 rating in one of my order but there is no more 4.00rating last 6month then why I should get 60days review rating 4.00. ? well its not a promotion post but community already did hide my post and I edited that ,
  16. There is no flyer design buyer request Capture1280×189 10.6 KB
  17. You know better what is the best price for your service. 🙂
  18. Hello goodies! Last 3 days my buyer request are very few number of them! Is it happening to all? I m not getting daily buyer request same number like before!
  19. There is no such thing as a set ranking in the Fiverr search results. Your gig will fluctuate in placement, and could show up anywhere in the results at any given time. It is best not to worry about where it shows up, because you cannot control placement. Just be a great seller, that your target customers need to hire. And if you aren’t seeing many impressions for your gig, then perhaps now is a good time to start marketing and promoting your gig wherever your customers are located. If you want sales, you are going to have to earn them. That’s how Capitalism and competition works. thats cool explanation.
  20. congratulation bro. share us with your experience and what service you are offering.
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