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  1. Congratulations @insects44 Yes, generally after earning level 1 badge most users report more sales while very few report less sales as well.
  2. Yes, Nostradamus also predicted about a British genius who will be living in Malta.
  3. Hello Tynaao, Welcome to Fiverr Community! Enthusiasm is one of the keys and perhaps the most important key to success. I am not one of the ‘geniuses’ here, but I have only one advice for you, “persistence”. Fiverr has more sellers than buyers now and succeeding here now is far more difficult than ever before. I know you are incredibly driven to succeed, reliable, trustworthy and all that, but you will have to have lots of patience as well to succeed here now. Also, if you can do some marketing for your gigs outside Fiverr, that might help bring the sales sooner.
  4. I have been into SEO for over 10 years. Started in February, 2007.
  5. I see it as an opportunity to learn something else or do something other than freelancing. I am always busy doing something. If you are sitting there waiting for your Fiverr orders, you are wasting your life. Don’t rely on Fiverr alone for full-time income or work. Start doing something else also and learn more skills whenever you get some time. Your title reminds me of Jim Rohn’s quote below
  6. This happens to every new account. Mine was also blocked, just like every other seller’s. Nothing to worry about! After 24 hours you will be able to withdraw.
  7. Check this section - https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers
  8. Some people even wait here for months to get their first order. You will have to make the people know you.
  9. Hello Dave, Welcome to Fiverr! I am also new here. Joined about 26 days. Great to see that you have already earned a nice long review within a matter of days.
  10. Yes, but you waste money travelling. My family has been running a real estate business for decades, and they always complain that the ones who waste their time the most are the ones who never buy.
  11. Hello fellow Fiverrers, How many of you were already freelancing before you found out about Fiverr?
  12. You may check the same under the dashboard of your profile.
  13. It is the same with offline businesses as well. Those who enquire the most, seldom buy. There is no specific way to avoid them.
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