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Why is everyone posting for job in fiverr?


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I don’t know what happen, But after 3 months, come back to fiverr, i see there’s many developer who are posting in the buyer request section.

Lets take a look at this image just get this after my return to fiverr.


Is that mean, i can request for a work on fiverr ? As a buyer ? And get a job with 50$ ?

can someone help me out by describe this situation ?

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No, it´s still not allowed. Buyers Request is for Buyers to post their requests, not for Sellers to promote their gigs. Feel free to vote for a report feature for all the seller spam on BR, if you support it, in this poll, and add your opinion in the comments, if you want:

favicon.icoFiverr Forum 100473_1.png

Poll - Report-Button for 'Buyers Request'

Thanks once more to everyone who voted and referred people who post about this ongoing issue to this poll! ? As we´re at 200+ voters now, and the posts about BR getting worse, regarding the seller spam, instead of better, seem to be on the rise...

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